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Curriculum Workbooks

🚀 Blast off into a world of science excitement with XplorStem Science Curriculum workbooks! 🌈✨

Parents, get ready to turbocharge your kid's science journey! Our workbooks are bursting with super-fun activities and awesome illustrations that turn learning into an epic adventure. 🚀🔬

But that's not all—these incredible workbooks are like the superhero of education! They meet Next Generation Science Standards, ensuring your little scientist is gearing up with the latest and greatest knowledge. 🌟📚


Workbooks now available as digital!



Grades: K-5

Language: English

  • Encourage your kids to learn about the scientific method by taking them on an adventure with scout!

  • They can experience the world through the eyes of a scientist - making observations, discovering new things, and learning all sorts of fascinating information along the way.



Grades: K-5

Language: English

  • Learn all about atoms, molecules, chemical reactions and states of matter.

  • Figure out the best way to clean your hands and stay healthy.

  • Create your own recipe for biggest strongest bubbles and the most bubbly model volcano!



Grades: K-5

Language: English

  • Learn all about plants and animals, like how they grow and depend on each other for life.

  • Go on an expedition to map out ecosystems in your own neighborhood.

  • Walk in the footsteps of famous scientists as you isolate molecules of life!



🚀 Centrimaster: Where science meets play!


 🌟Imagine a toy that's not just fun but packs the punch of real scientific equipment, all while ensuring safety, durability, and endless excitement for your curious explorers.

🔬 Let your child embark on a hands-on journey of discovery, conducting experiments and unraveling the marvels of science in a secure and engaging environment.


No more worries about delicate and expensive lab gear – Centrimaster is here to make learning a blast!

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Educational Videos

Backed by research showcasing the unparalleled efficacy of video-based learning, XplorStem has unlocked the secret to engaging young minds. Studies underline that children not only absorb more information through videos, but also exhibit heightened engagement with the content.


Our carefully crafted videos don't just disseminate knowledge; they create an immersive learning experience, nurturing curiosity while ensuring the retention of key concepts.

Check us out:

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XplorStem Academy

Unveil the future of science education with XplorStem Academy: a research-driven, NSF-funded learning app designed to captivate students through visual aids and interactive content.


Ignite their passion for STEM as they embark on an engaging journey, empowered by innovative learning that paves the way for future careers. Experience education without boundaries, where curiosity thrives and potential knows no limits - releasing in 2024!

Coming Soon!

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