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Meet the Founder

Dr. Vicki has a Ph.D. in chemistry and is a career scientist with 30 years experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Drug discovery methods and robotics developed by her are used around the world.

Coming from rural Kentucky, she started the company XplorStem LLC with a dream to provide a safe, quality, equitable science education to all students.

When she is not writing science education books, she consults for the pharmaceutical industry, spends time with her family, trains herself for Ironman and trains her two rescue dogs in AKC agility and rally.

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Our Story

We started XplorStem with the goal of making science relatable, memorable and fun to learn from an early age!


At XplorStem, we believe science is not limited to an elite few. It is available to everyone if they are just given the opportunity to learn!

Our combination of hands-on project based learning with building basic science vocabulary from an early age is an National Science Foundation funded approach we hope to provide opportunities to the next generation for years to come.

Our Team

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