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XplorStem attends Game School Conference and Oceanside Kids STREAM Festival to showcase new Centrimaster

We had a blast attending the Game School Conference in Irvine and the Kids STREAM Festival in Oceanside this month! We showcased our Centrimaster in action at both events. The youth got to use real scientific equipment to understand how a centrifuge works and how it is used by scientists everywhere.

At the Game School Conference, for our second year in a row, Dr. Vicki Nienaber-Meadows spoke on the panel about the connection between gaming and STEM education. She shared her background in Pharma and Biotechnology and how that led her to startup XplorStem. XplorStem’s mission is to empower underserved demographics with top-tier science education. She highlighted our new NSF funded biotechnology application that ties in TikTok style videos with educational science concepts and a real-world hands-on biotechnology experiment. XplorStem will be piloting this application with San Diego Unified Career and Technical Education programs during March 2024.

At the Oceanside Kids STREAM Festival, kids of all ages used our Centrimaster to perform an experiment done by the black scientist, Dr. Charles R. Drew, to commemorate black history month. During World War II, Dr. Drew discovered that you can separate plasma from a blood sample using a centrifuge. This discovery saved thousands of lives during the war and led to his latter research in blood transfusion and blood storage. Each kid analyzed pre-made model “blood” by  filling their own microcentrifuge tube, and spinning it in the Centrimaster. After being spun, their “blood” sample separated and a clear layer of plasma was seen on the top.

About Game School Con: With the goal of bridging learning with having fun, Sasha Kuczynski and Edward Starrord founded this organization which highlighted “gameschooling”, as a way of using games for educational purposes or a different way of learning while having fun. In 2021, Erika Davis-Pitre took on the role to carry out the mission and set up a conference that was open to all families who were seeking an education path for their children. Learn more at

About Kids STREAM festival: Celebrating Black History Month, this event was open for kids of all ages to partake in hands-on activities, games, performances, and more. With their mission to teach children about the achievements of African Americans throughout history, this organization opened their doors to entrepreneurs of all ages. Through having fun, educating and celebrating Black History Month, My Black City, Beleaf in GOOD, and Beleaf in Fatherhood partnered together to host a fun-filled event.  Learn more at

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