XplorStem Elementary Level Curriculum books meet Next Generation Science Standards and charter school requirements including providing work samples.

XplorStem Curriculum meets Next Generation Science Standards

Meets Next Generation Science Standards

XplorStem is funded by the National Science Foundation

Funded by the National Science Foundation

XplorStem was featured by the department of educationas an up and coming science education company.

Featured company at the 2021 Department of Education Expo

Our curriculum is divided into  the four science topics of chemistry, biology, physics, and earth science.

Three activity books per unit cover K-5 NGSS and introduce middle school concepts.

Our mascot Scout guides students through the scientific method and our curriculum workbooks.
XplorStem Chemistry Curriculum is safe and fun for the whole family.


Create gigantic bubbles, volcanos and learn the science of staying healthy!


Learn why leaves are green and go on a scientific expedition in your own backyard!

XplorStem biology curriculum takes kids on expeditions of real scientists!
XplorStem physics curriculum teaches kids how to become an inventor!


Learn how to create electricity in your own kitchen!

Earth Science

Learn why the Earth doesn't get pulled into the sun!

XplorStem earth science curriculum lets kids get to know their home planet and unlock mysteries of the universe!

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