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Explore the World of Science with Scout: Curriculum, Experiments, Toy-like equipment and Work Books for Kids!

Give kids the tools they need to succeed!

XplorStem Science Curriculum: For Parents & Teachers Who Want to See Their Student's Knowledge of Science Improve

Perfect for teachers, parents and homeschool approaches to learning!

XplorStem Science Curriculum workbooks are the perfect way for parents to help their students improve their knowledge of science! These workbooks are packed with engaging activities and illustrations that make learning fun, and they're designed to give kids the knowledge and vocabulary they need to progress into middle school science. Whether your child is just starting out or refining their skills, XplorStem Science Curriculum workbooks are the perfect way to supplement their education.


XplorStem After School Programs: Educational Science Experiments and Games That Kids Will Love!

Perfect for After School Programs and HomeSchool Co-op Meetings!


XplorStem After School Programs are designed for kids ready to explore the world of Chemistry, Biology and Physics! 

Kids get to do awesome experiments - like making giant bubbles, crystal towers, their own train engine, and magic wands!
Programs were designed by a Ph.D. scientist to introduce fundamental
science concepts through fun experimental activities and games.

Experience Science in a Whole New Spin with Our Toy-like SciXSpinner Centrifuge!

Affordable, Durable, and Fun for the Whole Family: Discover the Benefits of Our SciXSpinner Centrifuge and Programs!


The SciXSpinner is revolutionizing the way children learn about science! It looks like a toy but has the functionality of scientific equipment but with added safety, fun, and durability features that make it perfect for kids of all ages. With this toy, your child can conduct experiments, and learn about the wonders of science in a safe and engaging way. Say goodbye to fragile and expensive scientific equipment, and hello to a toy that will inspire your child's curiosity and creativity for years to come

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