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XplorStem Curriculum books meet Next Generation Science Standards and  charter school requirements including providing work samples.


Meets Next Generation Science Standards


Funded by the National Science Foundation


Featured in the 2021 Department of Education Expo

Screenshot 2022-03-27 at 13-48-50 2020–21 California Science Test Results at a Glance - CA

Source: California State Science Test
NAEP National Science Test


"During the COVID
lock-downs, I was shocked that the first subject to go was science! XplorStem is an important resource for parents who understand the importance of a science education.

                                    Mother of 2

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The impact on our children


Understanding  science leads to support of solutions to problems that impact our very existence.

Lack of science innovation impacts long-term health.

STEM jobs pay nearly 2X non-STEM jobs


Science education teaches critical thinking skills and leads to clearer, more persuasive communications in all professions.


"One of the
challenges we see
is that children are losing interest in science at a very young age! I'm so happy XplorStem is providing this resource for our youth.

                            --Terri Quenzer, Ph.D.
California State Biotech Workforce Development Coordinator

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Science education used to be about textbooks and memorization without  real-world context.
It was:


Now it's about hands-on activities without
any science
It is:


"We love that the kids
were engaged in the materials as much as the experiments. It made them feel like real scientists that were researching, developing and logging their activities."

                          --Bethany Lawson
           Homeschool co-op leader

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XplorStem teaches the

from an early age just like the ABCs, spelling, addition and subtraction.

language of science.png

Children have an incredible capacity to learn language.
Why not teach them the language of science?

If kids can say "Tyrannosaurus Rex,"
then why can't they
say atom?


And what do they
learn about atoms?
That everything they see
(and can't see) is made of atoms!



"My co-op was really
impressed with how easy everything was to set up and go over with the kids and that the educational standards were included.

                                   Co-op Leader

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language of science.png

Learning the

is the missing piece in today's education!

Students apply the Language of Science just like real scientists while covering NGSS standards.

our approach ngss COMPACT.png

"I could not believe it
when I saw my kids using the Scientific Method  for fun! They designed their own experiments after they finished the XplorStem book and even graphed the results!"

                  Homeschool teacher


With EdTech spending exploding especially after the pandemic, why books?

  • Survey's of GenZ students show no preference for educational apps over "boring" traditional text books

  • Contribution of EdTech tools to test scores has mixed results. International studies show that school electronics can actually lower scores.

  • Books are portable and can be used anywhere

  • Books are equitable: 4.4 million households with students still lack consistent access to a computer and 3.7 million lack internet access


All XplorStem hands-on activities use supplies commonly found in the home for safety, convenience and accessibility.

Dr. Vicki has a Ph.D. in chemistry and is a career scientist with 30 years experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Drug discovery methods and robotics developed by her are used around the world. Coming from rural Kentucky, she started the company XplorStem LLC with a dream to provide a safe, quality, equitable science education to all students. When she is not writing science education books, she consults for the pharmaceutical industry, spends time with her family, trains herself for Ironman and trains her two rescue dogs in AKC agility and rally.


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