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Funded by the National Science Foundation


Featured in the 2021 Department of Education Expo

"After returning to the classroom after remote learning, I loved the flexibility of the XplorStem program. The hands-on experiment was easy to follow and my students enjoyed it.  I was able to choose activities from the web-application off-line workbook to reinforce learning and tailor the activity to their individual needs. Altogether, the program gave my students a much-needed break from the computer."

Jessica Nienaber
5th grade GATE teacher
La Jolla, California


and includes complimentary history, art, creative writing, and puzzles to reinforce learning.

"We have been using XplorStem's ebooks. The kids were actually engaged in the materials as much as the actual experiments. It made them feel like real scientists that were researching, developing and logging their activities. We as parents were really impressed with how easy everything was to set up and go over with the kids and that the educational standards were included."

Bethany Lawson
Homeschool Co-op leader
Ramona, California


XplorStem Academy

Web-guided science education that leads students through the scientific method and a hands-on lab meeting NGSS including online and offline activities

Activity Ebooks

Offline ebooks that guide students through the scientific method and a hands-on activity

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TikTok Channel

Join >100K followers on our viral channel with science demonstrations and explanations in a fun interactive social media environment


"I could not believe it when I saw my kids using the Scientific Method  for fun! They designed their own experiments after they finished the XplorStem ebook and even graphed the results!"

Pandemic homeschool teacher
Rancho San Diego, California

Our Team

Our team is composed of career scientists with over 30 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry who have always had a passion for education. Working with educators at all levels, we have put together programs that teach students the scientific basics as they learn through the scientific method. The result is a real-world experience that they can apply to their everyday lives. Historic experiments are recreated to give students the opportunity to understand how scientific discoveries are made. This removes some of the mystery of scientific jargon and gives them the chance to experience making a new discovery themselves.