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"Think Like a Scientist With Scout: A Journey Through the Scientific Method" is the perfect tool to introduce your child to the exciting world of science. This book takes your child on a journey with Kayle, who discovers a fascinating creature in the woods. With the help of Scout, Kayle is guided through the four steps of the Scientific Method, from asking questions to making observations and drawing conclusions.


This beautifully illustrated book is designed to help your child think like a scientist, encouraging them to ask questions, make predictions, and test their hypotheses. With engaging illustrations and a fun storyline, your child will be captivated by the world of science.


"Think Like a Scientist with Scout" meets Next Generation Science Standards for Scientific and Engineering practices, making it an excellent resource for homeschooling parents or teachers looking to supplement their science curriculum.


Invest in "Think Like a Scientist With Scout: A Journey Through the Scientific Method" and give your child the gift of scientific exploration and discovery.

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Think Like a Scientist With Scout (Digital Download)

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