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The Sci-X-Spinner is a revolutionary new STEM toy and piece of scientific equipment rolled into one!  Younger kids can play for hours with our unique scientific version of the time-honored spinning top classic toy all while learning science at the same time! 


Collect scientific samples from around the house and watch them separate through the magical science of centrifugal force.  Teachers now have a portable unit that they can take in the field and use in the classroom with out the need to purchase and maintain an expensive scientific instrument. The device achives g-forces of >100 X g which is sufficient to separate most scientific samples and spins for more than a minute on one spin. 


Included are 10 microcentrifuge tubes and a digital PDF download that explains the science behind the device and has writing and other activities to complete a lesson. Also included are seven fun activities to get you started!


  • Depending on our stock levels, delivery time for certain popular colors may be up to 4 weeks.

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