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The XplorStem reference book is an essential tool for students learning about the NGSS cross-cutting concepts that form the basis of scientific observations. With a focus on recognizing patterns, cause and effect, scale and quantity, systems and molecules, energy and matter, structure and function, and stability and change, this book provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the scientific method.


Beautifully illustrated examples give students ample opportunity to practice what they have learned, making it easy for them to apply their knowledge to real-world situations. The book is also referenced throughout the XplorStem curriculum workbooks, providing students with the support they need to complete activities and hands-on science experiments.


Invest in the XplorStem reference book today and give your child the gift of scientific exploration and discovery. With its comprehensive coverage of NGSS cross-cutting concepts and engaging illustrations, this book is sure to inspire your child's curiosity and love for science.

Explore Like a Scientist With Scout: Learn to Make Scientific Observations

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