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Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your child about the science behind soap? Look no further than this Chemistry Curriculum Workbook from Xplorstem! Designed to teach NGSS core ideas and vocabulary, this workbook covers everything from atoms and elements to molecules like those found in soap.


But this isn't your typical dry textbook - students will get hands-on experience with a fun experiment using supplies found in the home to test their ideas about how soap helps to kill bacteria and viruses and protect us from getting sick. They'll even have the opportunity to give a final presentation to the CDC to reinforce their learnings.


Throughout the process, they'll be guided by Xplorstem's mascot Scout, who reinforces learning through jokes, puzzles, and creative and technical writing prompts. They'll learn everything by experiencing the scientific method like real scientists, making observations, forming hypotheses, testing their ideas, and drawing conclusions based on their results.


By the end of the workbook, your child will have a deeper understanding of the science behind soap and how it helps to keep us healthy. So why wait? Give your child the gift of learning with this fun and educational Chemistry Curriculum Workbook from Xplorstem today!

Chemistry Vol 1: Why Washing Your Hands Protects You From Getting Sick

  • • Running Water
    • Soap
    • Oil
    • Hand sanitizer (optional)
    • Pastry or paint brush (optional)
    • Cup (optional)
    • Towel

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