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The XplorStem science reference books are the perfect resource for introducing your child to NGSS science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts. These beautifully illustrated books use a language that kids can understand, making it easy for them to grasp advanced concepts.
To introduce science and engineering practices, students follow Katie as she discovers a creepy-crawly creature. With Scout's help, she uses the scientific method to figure out what it is! This engaging storyline helps students learn how to use the scientific method and apply it to real-world situations.
Cross-cutting concepts are also introduced, such as patterns, models, scale, and change. Students are given examples of how they can use these concepts in everyday life and subjects outside of science.
Each book is fully illustrated in color and is 24 pages long, providing 50 total pages of instruction. These books are perfect for parents, homeschooling parents, or teachers looking to supplement their science curriculum with engaging and informative resources.
Invest in the XplorStem science reference books today and give your child the gift of scientific exploration and discovery. With their comprehensive coverage of NGSS science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts, these books are sure to inspire your child's curiosity and love for science.

Bundle: Science Reference Collection

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