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The Chemistry Next Generation Science Standards K-5 three-book series combined with the two-book reference collection is an exciting way for your child to explore and learn just like real scientists do! They start with a hypothesis, refine it through research, and conduct hands-on experiments using supplies commonly found in the home.
Using the chemistry curriculum, guided by XplorStem's mascot, Scout, kids learn all about atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, and states of matter through engaging illustrations and easy-to-understand language. The three interactive workbooks cover Chemistry Next Generation Science Standards K-5, providing a comprehensive resource for students of all ages.
Kids will use the Scientific Method to conduct a hands-on science experiment to figure out the best way to clean their hands and stay healthy, create their recipe for the biggest strongest bubbles, and make the most bubbly model volcano! All experiments use reagents commonly found in the home to promote safety and accessibility for parents and students alike.
In addition to the three-book series, the XplorStem science reference books collection introduces NGSS science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts in a language that kids can understand. Students follow Katie as she discovers a creepy-crawly creature and uses the scientific method to figure out what it is! Cross-cutting concepts like patterns, models, scale, and change are also introduced, with examples of how they can be used in everyday life and subjects outside of science.
Invest in the Chemistry Next Generation Science Standards K-5 three-book series and the XplorStem science reference books collection today and give your child the gift of scientific exploration and discovery. With their comprehensive coverage of scientific topics and engaging illustrations, these books are sure to inspire your child's curiosity and love for science.


Bundle: Chemistry Curriculum & Reference Books

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