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Why does it seem that kids always get sick during the holidays?

Why does it seem that kids always get sick during the holidays? This year Zoey came down with the flu, which quickly turned into Pneumonia right before Halloween. Which of course the holiday that she has declared her FAVORITE!! She loves the little Halloween parade at preschool, pumpkin carving, and of course, the candy getting. All week leading up to Halloween, I did my best to get her better by the big day. Of course, my efforts failed she was not 100% by the big day, none the less I had to make sure she had a good Halloween! She was too sick to go to school, so we had our own Halloween parade at home, where she dressed up as several different characters and gave us a fashion show. I kept up on her Tylenol in hopes she would feel up to other activities. By mid-day, she was eager to get her Halloween on. So, after a quick costume change, we were off to the local shopping center to do a quick trick or treat and train ride. After our fun, we headed home, where we finished our Halloween fun with pumpkin carving and a quick once around our block to collect candy. She was done after about five houses and was content the rest of the night helping grandma hand out candy. By 7:30, she was sound asleep! The one plus side to being sick on Halloween was she was asleep early, and I was able to have some time to myself! Leave us a comment on our social media and let us know what your favorite Halloween traditions are?

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