Wait, Did she just say that have toilet paper?!

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were super busy getting ready for the GHC conferences. We were launching our first product and our new company at the same time. We were super excited. I was so busy getting ready for the conferences, that I didn't even realize that hording had set in for California. And what were people hording? Toilet paper of all things!

When we returned from Texas after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, I realized that we were running low on this now precious item! I went to the grocery store and followed some suggestions from friends to get some, but no luck! I was starting to ration our precious supply.

I was also working on a new curriculum chapter about viruses: how they spread and how to stay safe. I needed some supplies and we also needed some groceries, so I decided to go to my favorite one-stop-shop, Target!

I had a lot of work to do, so I got there early. When I arrived, I saw a very long line with everyone standing 6 feet apart. I had heard rumors that stores were limiting the number of people inside, and I thought, wow - this is going to be quite a wait. Before making my final decision on what to do, I asked a worker outside the store if this was the case. They said no, they would be open to the public in about 10 minutes, and that the store was only open to senior citizens and other at-risk populations. So, I thought I would just wait and enjoy some time outside in the fresh air. I got in line and a number of people filed in behind me.

When it was almost time for the doors to open, a target employee started walking down the line and announcing that if we were there for toilet paper, we should just grab a cart and stay in line. Someone would lead us back to the toilet paper, and they would hand out one per customer. I yelled to the person 6 feet behind me, "Did she say toilet paper?" I never imagined I would have such excitement over toilet paper. I had thought more than once that I just needed to keep the faith that some would appear. And, here I was. Standing in a toilet paper line in what will be known as the great COVID-19 pandemic.

I was also able to do some grocery shopping and get all of the supplies to work out the experimental section for the new viruses chapter! Seems it was a trip meant to be!