Too early to decorate for Christmas?

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas? When is too early to decorate for Christmas? The rule of thumb is the day after Thanksgiving. I usually follow this rule strictly, however, this year was different. Zoey woke up on November 1st and announced it was time to take down Halloween decorations and put up Christmas decorations. I tried to explain that Thanksgiving was next, and we should decorate for that. She was not buying this explanation. That weekend we took a trip to Michael's, bought decorations, and decorated the inside of the house! Although I think it is early, it does make the house a pleasant and cheery place to walk into every day. Still, we are holding off on putting up our real Christmas tree till after Thanksgiving. Buying a Christmas tree, the day/weekend after Thanksgiving is my most treasured family tradition. Tell us on our social media when you start with the Christmas decorations?