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Thanksgiving is just about a week away. Oh man, where did this year go?

Thanksgiving is just about a week away. Oh man, where did this year go? We are going to blink, and it's going to be Christmas. This year, for the second year in a row, Zoey and I are celebrating Thanksgiving while Sean is deployed. But we try to make the best out of each holiday. With a family member missing, it always makes it that much more important to spend time with the ones who are nearby. This year, we are heading to Palm Springs to spend time with my Great Aunt Barb, my parents, and my brother and sister-in-law. Even though we will not be in our house, I am still in charge of most of the menu. Thankfully, I was informed a few days ago that potato dishes were covered so I could cross that off my list. So, as I sat down to make the shopping list, I was stuck with the age-old question: What side dishes should we have? Personally, all I need for thanksgiving is turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce! But, since I am not just cooking for myself, I must come up with a few other things. My great Aunt Barb deals with celiac disease, so that means we must have several gluten-free dishes. So far on our menu, we have: - Gluten-Free Green Bean casserole - Sausage Stuffing - Gravy - Corn - Scalloped potatoes - Twice-baked potatoes - Candied Yams - Green Salad - Homemade croissants - Cherry Pie - Pumpkin Pie Stay tuned for my actual Thanksgiving blog, where I share how each dish turned out and our adventures in Palm Springs.

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