Surviving COVID-19: Funny moments with Zoey!

Both my husband and I work full time and have been fortunate enough to still have our jobs during this time and the ability to work from home. However, working from home with a four-year-old has its challenge’s! As I spend my days working with the scientists at XplorStem ensuring that the experiments that they are putting together will work at home for you and your family, I always have to find creative ways to keep Zoey busy. Some days she is my product testing assistant and I can get her involved in my work but other days she must play by herself or watch a movie. Just the other day I was glued to my computer from the moment I opened my eyes. This day I was working from bed. Around 4pm I hear Zoey run upstairs and some noise in the kitchen followed by the sounds of water splashing on the ground! I was a little scared to see what she had been up too. A few minutes later she appears in my bedroom with a plate of food and a cup of water that she had filled to the top! My plate was filled with a hard boiled egg a raw stock of asparagus and a whole yellow squash!! Oh my sweet girl did her best to bring mommy a nice healthy snack. One of the silver linings of this global pandemic is being able to have these special funny moments with my daughter!