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Renaming COVID-19: "The Covey"

As this current worldwide pandemic continues to unfold days seem to get more stressful by the hour. One of my biggest stresses was how to explain this virus to my child. We tried to be vague at first and told her that there was a new germ that was making people sick. But that simple explanation wasn’t enough. She proceeded to ask us a ton of questions; what kind of germ is it? What is the germ called? And What does it look like? So, we gave her facts, we told her it was a virus and its official scientific name was COVID-19 and then showed her a picture of its structure. These answers worked. She was satisfied. However, she decided to rename COVID-19 to “Covey”. Which honestly, I like a little better! Covey has become the official name of the virus in our household. The more I have talked to people the more I have learned we are not the only ones who have a nickname in our house for COVID-19, does your family have a nickname for the virus? If so please share with us!

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