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Our first Great Homeschool Convention

We worked many long hours to get ready for our first Great Homeschool Convention in Fort Worth Texas. We were equipped with our US Navy approved Covid-19 prevention kit composed of hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and soaps. Our plan was attend all of the conferences to introduce ourselves, get to know the homeschool crowd around the country better and get feedback on our product. We had been working closely with homeschool families in our local San Diego area and were excited to see how the rest of the country felt!

Despite the fact that a global pandemic was declared cutting the conference short, we had a wonderful time meeting the families that attended! We appreciate the families that stopped by our booth and took time to provide feedback on our product. We also loved watching the kids (and some adults!) have fun playing with our new SciXSpinner centrifuge and provide real-world testing for its durability! We are waiting to see if any of the conferences will happen this year understanding that keeping everyone safe is the most important thing. Wishing everyone the best from XplorStem in this very strange time!

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