Kitchen Science: Sourdough Starter Day Two

Welcome to day two of your sourdough starter. Don’t be alarmed if today is uneventful. Sourdough starters are like children, they grow at their own rate!

Today we are checking for signs of yeast growing. Grab your sourdough starter and check for bubbles. If you do see bubble “yay” you have yeast starting to grow, now you can follow the steps below.

If you do not see any bubbles, do not worry. Like I said starters are like children, they all grow and mature at different rates. Simply put aside and check in the evening, if you see growth then, “yay” you have yeast growing, now follow the steps bellow.

If no bubbles form just be patient, we will check again tomorrow!

Day two supplies:

  • Jar with starter

  • New clean plastic wrap

  • 1 cup of flour

  • ½ cup lukewarm filtered water

  • Non-metallic whisk

Step 1: Remove lid or plastic wrap

Step 2: Discard half of your starter

Step 3: Add your flour and water

Step 4: Mix until all the flour is fully incorporated

Step 5: Place new plastic wrap and set aside

Now we wait until tomorrow! Check out our day three blog for day three instructions