Kitchen Science: Sourdough Starter Day One

One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is spend time with her in the kitchen. I love this for many reasons. My mom taught me how to cook and I have such found memories of baking and cooking with her and want to create those same memories with my daughter. Secondly, the kitchen is a great place of learning. In the kitchen you can find all subjects, math, science, history, reading and writing. I love having my daughter in the kitchen and teaching her new skills or reinforcing skills; cooking, and baking are great examples of how we take what we learn in school and use it in our everyday life.

One of my favorite things to bake with my daughter is bread, and hands down my favorite bread is Sourdough. The first thing you need to make Sourdough bread is a mature sourdough starter. This may sound complicated and overwhelming but if you follow a few simple steps it is easy and takes about 6 days.

Day one list of supplies

  • 1 cup flour

  • Clean Jar

  • Plastic wrap or jar lid

  • Rubber Band

  • Non-Metallic Whisk

  • 1 cup lukewarm filtered water

  • Lots of Patience!

Day one is easy. Today you are getting everything together to provide a home for the wild yeast that lives in our environment to grow and thrive. Remember other things such as germs and bacteria also live in our environment so we want to make sure everything we are using is clean and sanitary and our work station is clean and sanitary we do not want to accidentally grow bad bacteria or germs. Always remember to wash your hands before starting this process!

Step one: Gather all supplies listed above

Step two: Measure out one cup of filtered water. Make sure your water is lukewarm. If your water is too cold it will be hard for the yeast to grow and if it is too hot the yeast will not survive.

Step three: Measure our one cup flour

Step four: grab your clean jar and add your flour and your water

Step five: grab your non-metallic whisk and stir until flour is completely incorporated! Your Mixture should look thick and creamy.

Step six: cover jar with lid or plastic wrap. If using plastic wrap, I find it help full to place a rubber band around to create a better seal. Set aside to rest.

Now we wait until tomorrow! Check out our day two blog for day two instructions.