Kitchen Science: Sourdough Starter Day Four

Things should be very exciting now. Start watching your starter throughout the day. What are you noticing? How do things smell? We write down our observations, it is a fun way to keep track of what is happening. You now should be able to tell if your starter is hungry. You will notice the starter expanding and deflating. If you notice your starter in crawling down or deflating this is a good sign you need to feed. At this point you may need to feed every 8-10 hours. Do not worry, your starter will tell you when it’s hungry.

Day four supplies:

  • Jar with starter

  • New clean plastic wrap

  • 1 cup of flour

  • ½ cup lukewarm filtered water

  • Non-metallic whisk

Step 1: Remove lid or plastic wrap

Step 2: Discard half of your starter

Step 3: Add your flour and water

Step 4: Mix until all the flour is fully incorporated

Step 5: Place new plastic wrap and set aside

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 12 hours later or every 8-10 hours depending on your starters needs

Now we wait until tomorrow! Check out our day five blog for day five instructions.