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COVID-19 and Homeschooling

And suddenly we are faced with a new world. Covid-19 is here and many of us are finding ourselves at home trying to keep our family safe, our job secure and our kids educated!

In this unsure time, Xplorstem is here for you. We understand what it is like to juggle being a parent and a full-time employee. We have worked hard over the past few years to create an all inclusive homeschool tool working with homeschool educators across the country. Ironically, we were in the progress of introducing this tool at the Great Homeschool Convention in Texas on March 13th during official declaration of this global pandemic.

If there is one thing homeschool parents and parents in general know, it is how to be adaptive! We know that homeschool parents have big hearts and want to help parents new to this process. We want to help too and are here to support all of you on your journey!

Our curriculum is designed to be implemented by any parent in any household.

Our curriculum covers Common Core and NGSS standards. We provide lessons in history, vocabulary, spelling, reading, writing, math, and science. Supported by an online learning platform. Your child will be guided through all subject matter while using hands on learning to recreate a historic scientific discovery. Our first product is for grades K-6 and is designed for kids to work together. Older kids can complete the program independently and younger kids can complete it with the help of older siblings or their parents. This is an independent study program and can be completed by older children with little oversight. In app messaging allows communication between teacher and students.

In a world of cancellation, a few things will always remain open and certain. At the top of that list is parenting and the education of our children. Stay tuned for more news as we expand our offerings to middle and high school. As hospitals and other manufacturers around the country ramp up production to keep us safe from disease, we are ramping up our efforts to provide fun, engaging and safe educational tools for your kids!

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