Teach kids science at home

Not a scientist?  Not a problem!

Our team of professional scientists and non-scientists have put together a program that is fun and educational for everyone!


Independent study, web-based, multi-subject program that is more than just an online science curriculum


Experience the scientific method by doing and not just watching boring online lectures.


Recreate historic scientific discoveries and learn the history of the time.


Enjoy imaginative writing and art activities, and learn the math to critically analyze your data!



Energy and Milk

  • Recreate the historic discovery of chlorophyll from 1818 and learn about the history of that time.

  • Learn about the parts of plants, animals, and energy flow through ecosystems.

  • Understand the connection between the sun and the milk you drink.

  • Conduct experiments, measure and graph data.


  • Recreate the historic discovery of viruses from 1898 and learn about the history of that time.

  • Learn what a virus is and the difference between viruses and bacteria.

  • Understand how we get sick and how we get better.

  • Conduct experiments to understand epidemiology and social distancing.

What's included?


* Special edition chapters cover one science lesson without the reagent kit and SciXSpinner. These chapters cover timely events and use common household reagents. They are a great introduction to XplorStem.

How it works
Supported by the National Science Foundation

Dr. Vicki is a career scientist that with 30 years experience. She has dedicated most of her career to development of new technologies that can be used to find cures for diseases. She left the corporate world behind over 10 years ago starting a small company focused on Parkinson's disease research and has dedicated the past two years of her life to development of the XplorStem education package. She is the mother of three ranging in age from 10 to 30 and is proud that all three of her children have contributed to XplorStem.

Vicki Meadows, Ph.D.

Our Team

Dr. Rob is a career scientific programmer with 30 years experience. He has dedicated his career to helping scientists find treatments for devastating diseases like cancer which he himself survived. He also founded the non-profit, "Produce for Patriots" which works with local farms to provide fresh produce to San Diego military families.  He has written all of the software that makes XplorStem possible with help of the newest programmer in the family, Abigail who is Rob and Vicki's 10 year old daughter!

Rob Meadows, Ph.D.

Athena is a scientist with a background in biology and most recently completed her medical technician training. A native of Hawaii, she brings a unique perspective to XplorStem based upon her experiences with the homeschool environment on the islands. Her medical technician training gives her an attention to detail that has translated to development of laboratory protocols that are easy to follow and give reliable results.  She is also a photographer and videographer  producing the laboratory help videos for the application. 

Athena Adora

We are scientists, parents, and teachers who are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, controversy-free environment for children and their parents to learn all about the world of science and how it fits with art, math, writing, and history.

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Erika has a diverse background in the non-profit and biotechnology world. She started her career with the non-profit, "Freedom is not Free" which provides financial aid and resources to the families of fallen soldiers. She began working in the world of biotechnology as a non-scientist 10 years ago in Sales and Marketing. As a non-scientist, she is dedicated to making XplorStem science education accessible and understandable by everyone! Erika is the proud mother of XplorStem's unofficial model and budding scientist, Zoey!

Erika Barner

The National Science Foundation was established in 1950 by President Harry Truman.


Its mission is "To promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare, and to secure the national defense."  In 1957, after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, congress increased funding of the NSF from $3.5 million to $40 million to increase American education, scientific, technical and industrial strength.

We are proud to have been awarded a prestigious NSF small business innovation grant and thankful for their support of our science education program.